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DHCE 50 single phase water heater
DHCE 6/50 / DHCE 8/50
  • Designed for Australian conditions
  • Maximum hot water output temperature 50°C:
    no tempering valve needed (approved to AS3498)
  • Electronically controlled for accurate temperature delivery
View DHCE 6/50 / DHCE 8/50
  • Made in Germany
  • Tubular heating element with pressure tested copper casing
  • No safe tray or drainage required (check local regulations)
  • Space saving design ideal for where space is limited
  • Specifically designed for Northern regions of Australia with warmer incoming cold water temperature.
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Product Overview

Warm water on demand.

The hydraulically controlled DHC 4 single phase instantaneous water heater is ideal for servicing smaller hot water requirements, such as basins. Delivering warm water on demand, even in the most cramped spaces, the DHC 4 single phase water heater is suitable for providing warm water for a basin. Designed with space in mind the compact size of the DHC 4 allows it to be installed in areas where conventional storage systems wouldn't fit.

Product Details

High-quality design

  • Made in Germany
  • Tubular heating element with pressure tested copper casing
  • WaterMark approved, Lic. No. WMKA00301, AS3498

Installation flexibility

  • No safe tray or drainage required (check local regulations)
  • Space-saving dimensions for a compact hot water unit
  • Multiple electrical access points for installation ease


The DHC compact water heater uses instantaneous water heating technology to save energy and water. The hydraulically controlled heating unit rapidly heats water only when you turn on the tap, ensuring that no heat is lost, and electricity wasted while storing the water.

With the DHC instantaneous compact water heaters, you don't have to leave the tap running while waiting for hot water as the system is designed for as a point of use system, allowing you to enjoy savings on your hot water electricity and water bills.

Available in electrical size:

  • DHC 4 - 4.8kW, 20 Amps, single phase 240V - PLEASE NOTE: The DHC 4 is only suitable for use in northern regions of Australia only.


  • 5 Year full parts and labour domestic warranty*

*Conditions apply - refer warranty policy for full details.

Technical Data

Model number DHC 4
Rated output (240V) 4.8kW
Rated current (240V) 20Amp
Phases 1/N/PE
Electrical Installation As per AS/NZS3000
Installation requirements AS/NZS3500.4.2 & local requirements
Switch on flow rate (minimum flow rate required to switch on the water heater) >1.4L/min
Permissible operating pressure 1000kPa
Temperature adjustment N/A
IP Rating IP24
Height 360mm
Width 200mm
Depth 105mm
Weight (filled with water) 2.9kg
Colour White
Nominal capacity 0.5L
Approvals WaterMark Lic No. WMKA00301, AS3498
For one/several draw off points Yes/No
Heating system Tubular
Electronic flow rate control -
Electronic air detection system -
Accepts pre-heated water (solar) -
Programmable temperature -
Wellness shower programs -
ECO energy & water function -


File Category Type Download
DHC 4 Data SheetData SheetPDF
919.17 kB
DHC Operation and Installation GuideOperation and Installation GuidePDF
638.76 kB
DHC 4 WarrantyWarrantyPDF
110.38 kB
STIEBEL ELTRON Tech Line Drawing DHC4Technical DrawingJPG
905.79 kB
STIEBEL ELTRON Exploded Diagram DHCExploded DiagramPDF
182.00 kB
Model & Serial Number LocationSerial Number LocationPDF
107.41 kB


1. Can I replace my single phase storage hot water system in my house with the DHC range?

The DHC instantaneous electric water heater range will not deliver the same temperature hot water at the flow rates of your existing storage unit. Please contact us on 1800 153 351 and we can advise on the appropriate instantaneous water heater based on your state and requirements.

2. Does the DHC water heater range plug into a standard 3 pin plug powerpoint?

No, all the DHC models require a dedicated hard-wired circuit as they all draw more than 10 Amps. The DHC 4 requires 20 Amps.

3. Can I install the DHC 4 in a caravan to provide hot water?

No, the DHC 4 requires 20 Amps of power, most caravans only have a 15 Amp power supply.

4. How can I tell what size STIEBEL ELTRON DHC unit I have?

Underneath the DHC 4 hot water unit, there is a rating label located on the bottom in between the inlet and outlet. The rating label will advise the model and size – DHC 4, DHC 6, DHC 8. Within the downloads section of the DHC, you can download a pdf showing you exactly where and how to locate this sticker.

5. Where can I install the unit?

The water heater can be installed almost anywhere due to the compact size. The water heater does not require ventilation, relief drain or safe trays so it can be installed in a cupboard, in the roof space, below the basin, in a service cavity, in a Euro laundry just to name a few options.

6. How far can the water heater be installed from the hot water outlet?

The DHC is designed to be installed as close as practical to the most used hot water outlet.  Installing closer to the point of use can help to save water and energy by delivering hot water quickly to the outlet. The STIEBEL ELTRON single phase electric instantaneous water heaters are designed to service multiple outlets (note that this is will depend on the DHC model selected) located several metres away from the system.

7. Where can I purchase a unit?

All the major plumbing supply merchants can supply our products, please contact us on 1800 153 351 for your nearest supplier.

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