Ventilation for schools

Ventilation for schools, restaurants and offices
Heat recovery ventilation with fine filtration minimises the spread of aerosols

Ventilation has become a recurring topic during the COVID-19 pandemic. What was once a simple solution for virus-contaminated aerosols in the summer has become a problem during the colder months.

The solution: heat recovery ventilation systems, which ensure the circulation of fresh and healthy air. These systems purify the air and reduce the concentration of aerosols, which in turn reduces fatigue, headaches, dry throat and eyes, asthma, and, most importantly, the risk of infection.

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Easy installation, healthy indoor air

With decentralised ventilation, the ventilation system is installed where it is needed — directly in your classroom. Installation is simple and can be implemented quickly. In this way, individual devices ensure optimal ventilation of the entire classroom independently of one another — the old air out and the healthy air in.

VRL-C Decentralised Ventilation

The ventilation device for schools, kindergartens, restaurants and offices

The VRL-C decentralised heat recovery ventilation system recovers up to 92% of the heat that would otherwise be lost through an open window. It then transfers this thermal energy to the fresh supply air. That means: In winter, the cosy warmth is retained in the classroom. The virus-contaminated exhaust air is discharged to the outside as exhaust air. The use of the ventilation system is harmless compared to recirculation devices.

The result: Fresh, healthy air - and comfortable temperatures in the classroom.

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Ventilation for schools, restaurants and offices

Easy to upgrade

A relaxed learning atmosphere at the school is important. A retrofitted ventilation unit ensures that it stays that way under corona conditions.

Ventilation for schools, restaurants and offices

Ventilation devices can do more

Fresh air for schools, offices, restaurants and daycare: The VRL-C ventilation units are also available with a duct connection for installation in the centre of the room.

Benefits of the VRL-C for your classroom
  • Fresh and healthy air through controlled ventilation
  • Special filter systems for indoor air hygiene
  • Energy-saving ventilation with heat recovery and variable air output (up to a class size of 35 students)
  • Healthy room climate through heat and moisture recovery

VRL-C: The ventilation unit for retrofitting restaurants and offices

The VRL-C was specially developed for use in schools and childcare centres as well as restaurants and offices. With an air volume flow of up to 870 m³ / h, it reliably ensures an air change that significantly reduces the virus-contaminated aerosol concentration and thus the risk of corona infection.

Ventilation for schools, restaurants and offices

Regular air exchange in the restaurant

Ventilation systems and ventilation devices have long been in use in many cafés and restaurants. They remove odours and stale air and provide fresh air. Tip: Retrofitting is quick and easy.

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Ventilation for schools, restaurants and offices

Employee protection in the office

Protect your employees and maintain thermal comfort. Our ventilation solutions are available for a pleasant climate and comfortable temperatures in the workplace.

Products & Solutions

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