DEL 13 / 18 / 27 Plus

  • Made in Germany
  • Maximum hot water output temperature 50° Celsius, no tempering valve needed
  • Available in 3 outputs
  • Electronically controlled continuous flow hot water delivery with 3i Technology
  • Temperature memory function keys
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Product Overview

No other instantaneous water heater with 3i technology has such a wide range of features as the DEL Plus. With backlit multifunction display, temperature memory, childproofing and ECO mode, it offers best-in-class comfort and convenience. The energy and water saving ECO mode can be used to limit the maximum flow rate of the DEL Plus to enable a constant DHW temperature, even where inlet temperatures are low.

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Product Details

The DEL Plus is suitable for supplying hot water to several draw-off points (single and group supply), e.g. simultaneous supply to bathroom and kitchen. Sealed unvented, pressure-tested appliance for use with all commercially available pressure taps. The DEL Plus water heater requires no safe tray, flue or ventilation.

Electronically controlled instantaneous water heater with 3i technology. Accurate temperature delivery up to the maximum output. Temperature selection from 30 to 50°C via rotary selector, temperature adjustment for showers in 0.5 °C increments. Backlit multifunction display to show set temperature, current power consumption, status and service indication. Selectable ECO mode. Memory function for 2 programmable temperatures of choice. Pivoting appliance cover and programming unit for increased operating convenience in undersink installations.

Saves energy and water by means of electronic output control with 3i technology. 3 sensors ensure that the selected temperature is accurately achieved. For this, only the actual required amount of energy is expended; there is no need to add cold water at the tap. This ensures maximum energy efficiency. ECO mode can be individually selected for particularly economical operation. Suitable for preheated water (e.g. in solar thermal and heat pump systems).

Rapid bare wire heating system, suitable for hard and soft water. Electronic safety concept with air bubble detection

Technical Data

Model number DEL 13 Plus DEL 18 Plus DEL 27 Plus
Rated output (415V) 14.5kW 19.4kW 28kW
Rated current (415V) 20.2Amp 27Amp 38.9Amp
Phases 3/PE 3/PE 3/PE
Electrical Installation As per AS/NZS3000
Installation requirements AS/NZS3500.4.2 & local requirements
Switch on flow rate (minimum flow rate required to switch on the water heater) 2.5L/min 2.5L/min 2.5L/min
Permissible operating pressure 1000kPa 1000kPa 1000kPa
Temperature adjustment 30-50°C 30-50°C 30-50°C
IP Rating IP25 (IP24 at electrical connection finished walls) IP25 (IP24 at electrical connection finished walls) IP25 (IP24 at electrical connection finished walls)
Height 466mm 466mm 466mm
Width 225mm 225mm 225mm
Depth 116mm 116mm 116mm
Weight 3.2kg 3.2kg 3.2kg
Colour white white white
Nominal capacity 0.4L 0.4L 0.4L
Approvals WaterMark Lic No. WMKA00301, AS3498
For one/several draw off points Yes/Yes Yes/Yes Yes/Yes
Heating system Bare wire Bare wire Bare wire
Accepts pre-heated water (solar) Yes (incoming water must not exceed 50°C)
Programmable temperature Yes Yes Yes


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DEL Plus Operation & Installation GuideOperation and Installation GuidePDF
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DEL Plus DimensionsTechnical DrawingPNG
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DEL Plus Exploded DiagramTechnical DrawingPNG
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DEL Plus Minimum SpacingTechnical DrawingPNG
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