New LT-50 ventilation system with heat recovery

New to STIEBEL ELTRON Australia is the LT-50 decentralised ventilation system with heat recovery.

The LT-50’s efficient design provides optimal indoor air quality as well as the advantage of up to 90% heat recovery. Compact in design; the twin function works by reversing the operation every 70 seconds to provide fresh outdoor air whilst extracting indoor stale air.

How the LT-50 works.

The LT-50 is designed for both reversible mode with energy generation and for supply (extract mode) with no regeneration. 

Cycle I

Warm stale air is extracted from the room, it then passes through the ceramic energy accumulator. Whilst the air flows through it, it is heated and moistens the ceramic accumulator and transfers up to 90% of the contained thermal energy. As the ceramic accumulator is heated the ventilator switches to supply mode automatically.

Cycle II

Clean fresh air from outside passes through the ceramic accumulator, absorbs the moisture and is heated up to the room temperature due to the accumulated heat. As temperature of the accumulator drops down the fan switches to extract mode and the cycle is renewed. The ventilator changes its operation mode between supply and extract ventilation every 70 seconds.LT50 ventilation with heat recovery

To find out more about the LT-50 and its suitability for your project please call 1800 153 351.

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