Upstate Studios

Victoria | Commercial Building

Project Overview
Upstate Studios partnered with STIEBEL ELTRON to tackle issues of condensation and CO2 buildup at their Torquay location. Recognising the potential for unchecked condensation to lead to mould problems, the studio sought a proactive solution. Specialising in fostering a positive state of mind through movement and connection, the studio faced ventilation challenges, particularly during Hot Pilates and Hot Yoga classes. In their commitment to improving air quality and comfort for patrons, Upstate Studios sought an effective solution to mitigate these concerns.

Product Solution
STIEBEL ELTRON proposed the installation of the VRL-C decentralised heat recovery ventilation system. Initially launched for classroom applications during the COVID-19 pandemic, this innovative system was designed to recover up to 92% of heat that would otherwise be lost through an open window, thus providing efficient ventilation while maintaining indoor thermal comfort. By strategically placing ventilation units directly within the classroom space, the VRL-C system ensures optimal air circulation and freshness, independently managing air quality in each room.

Outcome and Results
Following the installation of the VRL-C ventilation system, Upstate Studios observed significant improvements in air quality and comfort levels within their Torquay location. The system effectively addressed the issues of condensation and CO2 buildup that were previously experienced during yoga sessions.

Monitoring data from a CO2 sensor revealed that while CO2 levels would temporarily rise above 2000 ppm during sessions, the levels quickly normalised to below 1000 ppm within 15 minutes post-session. Additionally, the relative humidity consistently remained within the comfort range of 40-60%, indicating a successful mitigation of condensation-related concerns.

Overall, the installation of STIEBEL ELTRON's VRL-C ventilation system provided Upstate Studios with a sustainable solution to enhance indoor air quality, ensuring a comfortable and rejuvenating experience for their patrons during fitness classes.

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