• Fast 15 second hand drying with an air stream of more than 300km/h
  • Made in Germany
  • Curved design prevents items from being placed on hand dryer
  • Hygienic touch-free operation
  • Automatic energy efficient 3 second shut-off after hands are removed
  • Wall mounted
  • Low energy consumption
  • Also available in a stainless steel look
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Product Overview

The Ultronic is the high speed hand dryer from STIEBEL ELTRON. Producing an air stream in excess of 300km/h the Ultronic wipes away moisture to dry the hands in 15 seconds.

Product Details

The Ultronic hand dryer is designed to deliver fast 15 second hand drying energy efficiently. The air flow is in excess of 300km/h which delivers a super fast drying time by 'wiping' moisture from the surface of your hands. The outstanding design of the Ultronic was recognised as a recipient of the IF Product Design Award 2012.

Technical Data

Rated output 1070W 1070W
Electrical connection 1/N/PE - 240V 50Hz 1/N/PE - 240V 50Hz
Colour Signal white Stainless steel look
IP Rating IP24 IP24
Operating noise 82dB(A) 82dB(A)
Air throughput 190m3/h 190m3/h
Runtime (hand drying) 15 seconds 15 seconds
Height 289mm 289mm
Width 257mm 257mm
Depth 234mm 234mm
Test symbols CE/VDE CE/VDE
Weight 4.4kg 4.4kg


File Category Type Download
Ultronic Operation and Installation GuideOperation and Installation GuidePDF
3.43 MB
Hand Dryers WarrantyWarrantyPDF
108.50 kB
Ultronic BrochureBrochurePDF
673.47 kB
Ultronic Exploded DiagramExploded DiagramPDF
176.22 kB
Ultronic Serial Number LocationSerial Number LocationPDF
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1. Where is the Ultronic made?

The Ultronic S and UItronic W are made in Germany.

2. What colours are available for the Ultronic hand dryer?

There are 2 colours available. The Ultronic S has a stainless steel look case and UItronic W has a white case.

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