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Future Forward Residence

University of Melbourne Trinity College has recently partnered with Stiebel Eltron to unveil a very future-forward student residence. A 100-bed student ‘house’ backed up with the best of commercial power and design.

This project is so future-forward, its designer, Hayball architects, featured this work as part of the European Cultural Commission’s TIME | SPACE | EXISTENCE exhibition at Venice biennale 2018.

Best Possible Now for Thinkers of Tomorrow

The space is a unique challenge; a commercial home. A home for hundreds of students, students who might provide the sustainable and innovative solutions of tomorrow. From solar panels on the roof, double glazed windows and even a mechanism for harvesting rainwater, these future innovators are living in the best now has to offer.

‘Top to bottom it has been designed with a firm focus on sustainability.’

Geothermal Foundation

Trinity College’s new residential building is designed to harness the elements and provide a solid foundation for thinkers of the future — what better way to heat and cool the space than with geothermal heat pumps?

Deep in its elegant yet sustainable belly — three Stiebel Eltron delivered Thermia Mega XL heat pumps work tirelessly to heat and cool this holistic design.

With the Thermia Mega XL, Stiebel Eltron brings the high-water mark of geothermal heat pump technology to this project. Thermia inverter control commercial heat pumps — with over forty years of heat pump dedicated resource, knowledge and development — provide the perfect complement for such a future-forward project.

Carbon Neutral 2023

The building has been designed to not just make a modern statement but to also minimise the impact on the environment. Trinity College aims to be carbon neutral by 2023, and this student residence will be the flagship in achieving this result. Stiebel Eltron is proud to power those aims and support the sustainable thinkers of tomorrow.

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3 x Thermia Mega XL Geothermal hydronic heat pumps

Architect Hayball
Building Services Lucid Consulting
Structural Engineers Northrop Consulting Engineers
Project Manager Donald Cant Watts Corke