The Fern

New South Wales | Multi-Residential Building
The Fern Redfern Apartments

The Fern stands as a pioneering architectural marvel in Sydney's Redfern, Australia. Crafted by architect, builder, and developer Oliver Steele, this innovative project embodies sustainability, energy efficiency, and modern living. Comprising 11 one-bedroom serviced apartments, The Fern is not only a testament to superior design but also a beacon of environmental consciousness.

The Fern holds the prestigious distinction of being Australia's first apartment building certified to Passivhaus standards. This German-inspired sustainable building design prioritises airtightness, robust glazing, solar energy utilisation, and advanced thermal design.

STIEBEL ELTRON's WWK Heat Pumps were installed, providing energy-efficient hot water. This addition significantly contributes to the overall sustainability and efficiency of the building. The Fern harnesses the power of solar energy through a 21kW photovoltaic system. This renewable energy source, combined with other energy-efficient features, enables the building to generate approximately 20% more power than it consumes.

The building boasts triple-glazed doors and windows, offering unparalleled energy efficiency that is six times greater than code-compliant equivalents. Additionally, structural thermal breaks prevent unwanted heat transfer, ensuring optimal thermal comfort for residents.

The Fern's airtight construction, coupled with super-insulation, guarantees exceptional thermal performance and indoor air quality. 24/7 filtered fresh air circulation maintains a comfortable internal temperature without the need for artificial heating or cooling.

With a remarkable NatHERS energy rating of 9.3-10 stars, The Fern exemplifies sustainable living at its finest. Its innovative design not only minimises environmental impact but also enhances residents' quality of life by mitigating dust, noise, and insect intrusion.

The Fern stands as a testament to the seamless integration of cutting-edge technology, sustainable design principles, and visionary architecture. As Australia's first certified Passive House apartment building, it sets a new standard for energy-efficient living while prioritising comfort, convenience, and environmental stewardship.

  • The Fern Redfern Apartments
  • The Fern Redfern Apartments
  • The Fern Redfern Apartments
  • The Fern Redfern Apartments

WWK 302 hot water heat pumps

Architect Steele Associates Architects
Passive House Consultant GrĂ¼n Consulting
Builder Steele Associates Construction
Passivhaus Certifier Luc Plowman