Lower North Shore

New South Wales | Family House
Mosman all electric home

Air to Water — Concrete and Glass
Overlooking Sydney Harbour, Stiebel Eltron is proud to be a part of this energy-efficient Australian super home, a classic build from Castlepeake. Functional, sustainable plus design — concrete and double-glazed windows complement exposed spiral ducts on the ceiling — an air to water marvel, all cut into the riverside cliffs in the Lower North Shore.

"This is a classic example of the all-electric Australian home. Solar Power, feeding into an inverter — with a battery setup. Then we use that electrical energy as thermal energy, servicing pool heating; general heating and cooling; and domestic hot water. All via efficient, German-built, air to water heat pumps."
Tom Stephenson, Renewables Manager, STIEBEL ELTRON

The WPM Brains
A Stiebel Eltron WPM heat pump controller sits centre stage in the plant room. This vital piece of plant connects the dots and makes all the units in the system talk to each other, from pool heating (integrating with the heat exchanger), to domestic hot water, and hydronic heating/cooling.

Heat Pump Systematic
Three circuits — fed from a 200L thermal storage buffer cylinder — condition approximately 270 m2 of airspace within the dwelling.

One WPL 25 sits upstairs poolside. Quietly doing some heavy lifting, this unit powers the underfloor heating, underfloor cooling, and services chilled lifting fan coil units to two levels.

Two LWZ 170 units, one on each floor — filter, recapture and maintain air quality for the building. Heating and cooling also comes with clean, fresh filtered air.

One WPL 24i – inside the plant room, powers pool heating — via the pool exchanger — and domestic hot water.

A 500L DHW tank means instant and always available hot water circulating through the building.

"We installed a heat exchanger, which can easily be controlled by the client from his laptop or phone. Efficiency was a big part of this design, and when it comes to the range of hydronic heat pumps and heat recovery ventilation systems, we had to go with Stiebel Eltron."
Dusan Trembuch, Univenta

City Roof Space Solar Conversion
With a brief working with the energy-efficient design of the house and with limited space for a solar PV system, Stiebel Eltron efficiency has enabled the 5kW system to go a significant way towards powering the home completely. The last word has to go to the homeowner, Quintin:

"We wanted our system to be as energy-efficient as possible. The support that we have had from Stiebel and SMA has been fantastic, and we’ve managed to get ourselves to fifty per cent self-sufficiency and significantly reduced energy bills."
Quintin, Homeowner

  • Mosman all electric home
  • WPL 25 air to water heat pump
  • Mosman all electric home with solar PV
  • Mosman all electric home with solar PV
  • STIEBEL ELTRON WPM heat pump manager
  • Mosman home with heat recovery ventilaiton
Products 1 x WPL 25 Air Source Heat Pump
1 x WPL 24i Indoor Air Source Heat Pump
1 x SBP 200 E Buffer Cylinder
1 x SBB 501 Domestic Hot Water Cylinder
1 x WPM Heat Pump Manager
2 x LWZ 170 Heat Recovery Ventilation Units
Builder Castlepeake
Hydronic Installer Univenta