Queenslanders set to save under new rebate scheme - MEDIA RELEASE

Premier Anna Bligh has today announced a new Solar Hot Water Rebate to help Queenslanders make the switch to solar and save on their electricity bills.

Pensioners and low income earners can apply for a $1000 rebate and all others can apply for a $600 rebate for a solar hot water system or a heat pump system installed from today.“Our government is making it easier for Queenslanders to do the bright thing.”“The Government’s new Solar Hot Water Rebate will help Queenslanders with the cost of installing a solar hot water system or heat pump and save money on their electricity bills.”Ms Bligh said the scheme reaffirmed the Government’s commitment to solar technology.“We said we wanted to make solar more affordable and along other incentives, eligible households could save up to $3300 off the cost of a new system,” Mr Bligh said.“We have also recognised that pensioners and low income earners are in greater need of government assistance to help them access the financial and environmental benefits of solar hot water.“This is a fantastic opportunity for residents to do the bright thing and save on their energy bills and help the environment.“

Queensland households can also on average, reduce their carbon footprint by around two tonnes per year,” Ms Bligh said.Mines and Energy Minister Stephen Robertson said the scheme would provide the solar industry with a platform for stable growth and allow residents a greater choice in the solar hot water market.“This is a stand alone scheme and we encourage Queenslanders to help make Queensland the solar state,” Mr Robertson said.“I encourage Queenslanders start benefiting from the many savings that solar hot water can bring,” Mr Robertson said.$60 million has been set aside for this new rebate which will be in addition to any other Federal Government or Local Government rebates that may apply over the life of the Scheme.

Any system purchased after today will be eligible, with payments to customers starting after July 1.For further information including eligibility criteria and for other Queensland Government solar energy initiatives, visit www.qld.gov.au

Eligible pensioner: Total Incentives

State Rebate $1000
Federal Rebate $1000
Renewable Energy Certificates Up to $1300
Total Up to $3300

Eligible non Pensioner: Total Incentives

State Rebate $600
Federal Rebate $1000
Renewable Energy Certificates Up to $1300
Total Up to $2900

Please note: federal rebate for heat pumps is $600

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