LWZ 70 E

  • Energy efficient with up to 90% heat recovery
  • Designed for air flow rates of 50-180 m3/h
  • Compact space saving design
  • Quiet operation
  • Low power operation
  • Replaces indoor air with filtered fresh air from outside
  • Pollutants are removed from indoors
  • Prevents dust and pollen build up
  • Prevents condensation and mould through improved ventilation
  • Easily accessible design for filter replacement
  • Optional FEQ air quality sensor
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Product Overview

STIEBEL ELTRON's LWZ 70 E ventilation unit has been specially developed for ventilation in apartments. The crosscurrent heat exchanger recovers up to 90% of heat from the extracted air, while its constant flow fans are economical on energy.

Product Details

The LWZ 70 E can deliver up to 90% heat recovery to provides a pleasant ambiance in your apartment or home. The filters can quickly and easily be replaced to ensure consistently high air quality.

Technical Data

Model number LWZ 70 E
Power consumption 140 W
Rated voltage 240 V
Air volume flow 50-180 m3/h
Protection level to VDE IP31
Filter class G3
Air duct connection 125 mm
PE condensate drain connection 15 mm
Weight 25 kg
Height 600
Width 560
Depth 290
Sound power level (EN12102) 46dB (A)


File Category Type Download
LWZ 70E DatasheetData SheetPDF
569.45 kB
LWZ 70E Operation and Installation GuideOperation and Installation GuidePDF
3.02 MB
Heat Recovery Ventilation WarrantyWarrantyPDF
176.06 kB
STIEBEL ELTRON Ventilation BrochureBrochurePDF
1.16 MB
LWZ 70E Tech Line DrawingTechnical DrawingJPG
122.50 kB
Ventilation Commissioning FormCommissioningPDF
172.58 kB


1. What size ventilation system do I require?

STIEBEL ELTRON has a specification team that can assist you with the selection of a ventilation system and ducting configuration based on your building plans.

2. What is the ducting connection on an LWZ 70 E?

The LWZ 70 E has extract and supply air connections of 125 mm diameter.

3. Can the LWZ 70 E be installed outdoors?

No, the LWZ 70 E is designed to be installed indoors.

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