Which Water Filter System is Most Effective?

Water filtering systems are sometimes necessary in Australian homes to ensure that what we drink is as healthy as possible and tastes great. While what is delivered to our taps in Australia is generally of an exceptional quality due to vigilant cleansing done by the country's providers, it is not always as clean tasting as it could be.

Filtration systems installed in the home produce liquid that tastes fantastic, while avoiding the need to buy plastic bottled drinks,  thereby saving money and the environment. But with so many water filters on the market, how do you know which is the most effective?

It's important to, first of all, assess your needs to help guide your decision. In most cases, it is not your individual responsibility to ensure that what comes out of your tap is healthy, so if you suspect if of being contaminated you should contact your supplier to fix the problem. If, however, you are using a private supply or simply want to improve the taste of what comes out of your tap, then you should choose a water filter that safely and effectively cleanses your tap water.

Certifications are available for purification systems and are good indicators of the system's overall quality and effectiveness. However, no filter system can offer a foolproof guarantee that it will perform effectively because, after time, the effectiveness of the filter largely depends on how you clean and maintain it. It should be noted that some systems can actually contaminate your drinking supply if you do not maintain it properly. The most effective water filters are, therefore, the ones that are the easiest to maintain. 

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