The Advantages of Energy Efficient Water Heaters

Hot showers on demand are generally seen as an essential requirement for all homes and are perhaps the household luxury most taken for granted, except for when water heaters break down or work inefficiently! Using an energy efficient hot water system will ensure that you can enjoy the luxury of hot showers with maximum ease while reducing your household's energy consumption.

Household water heaters can account for around a quarter of a typical home's energy use, indicating that there is a lot of room to improve in the energy efficiency of the traditional systems used in many homes. Standard electric heaters, for example, produce an average of four tonnes of greenhouse gas per year, a value roughly equivalent to the yearly emissions of a medium sized car.

It is important then, to look for more energy efficient options when choosing a water heater for your home. Having an energy efficient system installed in your home will not only benefit the environment but significantly reduce your energy bill and ensure that hot showers are always available.

Water heaters come in two types, storage and instantaneous. Instantaneous systems are by far the more energy efficient option. Because in instantaneous water heaters hot water is not stored over any period of time, no heat energy is lost. These energy efficient water heaters have exceptional temperature control, ensuring that the water stream is of a consistent temperature, increasing safety and comfort.

Instantaneous water heaters can be run on electric or gas power, both using electric controls and ignition to reduce energy waste and to provide the most efficient solution possible.

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