Instant hot water delivered with precision

The DHE 3 phase electric instantaneous hot water system is made in Germany and delivers hot water up to 60° Celsius.  Delivering a precise water  temperature to 0.5° Celsius, the DHE cleverly manages the water temperature through automatically detecting the cold water temperature, hot water output and flow rate.  This sophisticated system will endlessly supply the desired hot water temperature and can adjust the flow rate to ensure that the requested hot water temperature is delivered with precision. 

The DHE 3 phase electric water heater saves energy through its electronic recognition system that regulates the energy required to create instant hot water to the desired temperature, so if a lower hot water temperature is needed the system automatically uses less power to generate hot water.  Additionally, the DHE has been designed with a robust bare wire element that is suitable for either hard or soft water areas which are common due to Australia’s diverse water conditions.

The DHE provides installation flexibility with the system able to be installed close to the points of use and as a result saves energy and water.  Unlike traditional storage water heaters or centralised storage systems which has to maintain water temperature by heating and reheating the stored water, the DHE only uses energy when hot water is required and instantly provides an endless supply of hot water.

The DHE through its clever design compensates for wider pressure fluctuations and has an electronic safety air detection which automatically turns the unit off in the event of air becoming present in the piping.  This high quality instantaneous water heater is 

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