How Often Should Home Water Filters Be Changed?

Once your home water filter has been installed, it will require minimal maintenance over the course of its life. One part of your maintenance schedule should be replacing the filter cartridges as required. This is important to ensure that the system continues to function properly. The Stream 4 and Stream 3 trap sediment and debris, so it makes sense that it may eventually become clogged.

How often should I change them?
How often you replace your cartridges will depend on the water quality where the water filter is installed. They should be replaced every 6 months on average, although they should be replaced sooner if you notice that the water flow is slowing down.

But how can I remember?
No one wants to drink dirty, sediment-filled water. If you have trouble remembering when to order new water filters and change them out, the following tips might help you out:

  • Mark it on the calendar. Add notes on your calendar for when to purchase new filters and replace them according to the guidelines provided above. If you use an online calendar, the "event" can even become recurring – and it will send you a reminder!
  • Buy multiple replacements at once. By purchasing new cartridges in bulk, you will ensure that you always have one on hand. This is handy if you ever forget or miss a reminder, as well as ensuring that you can replace them early if you notice a problem.
  • Coordinate with other maintenance. Completing several tasks together can make them easier to remember. If you are already in the habit of performing other maintenance, such as changing the air conditioner filter, you can replace your filter cartridges at the same time.
  • Coordinate with Daylight Savings. Depending on how often your filters need to be changed, you could coordinate the changeover with the beginning and end of daylight savings. This is something that everyone either remembers or is prompted to do.

Whilst home water filters are low maintenance, they do require some upkeep to ensure that they continue to provide your family with clean and fresh drinking water. By following the guidelines we’ve outlined above and choosing one of our handy tips for remembering when to change, you can rest assured that your filter will continue to operate properly for many years to come.

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