Can I Cut My Electricity Bills With Instantaneous Electric Hot Water Heaters?

An instantaneous heater will only use electricity when you are indicating that you need hot water, which is the main reason why homeowners think that this is the perfect way for them to cut their electricity bills down considerably. How can you go about saving money on your bills, however, through the addition of one of these heaters in your home? Are there any other steps that you should be taking to save energy?

Step 1: Contact a company who specialize in the provision and installation of these heaters to determine whether one can actually work in your home. They will consider the climate, safety issues and your local building codes.

Step 2: Decide whether you want to install a 'whole house' instantaneous system or whether you want to install a separate one for specific applications, such as your shower and washing machine (this is sometimes known as a 'point of use' system). The latter is actually believed to save more energy.

Step 3: Decide on the appropriate fuel type for your water heater. These days, most homeowners are steering towards electric because of reports that gas-fired ones will waste energy if their pilot lights are continuously burning.

Step 4: Compare the energy efficiency of a few different heater models. Consider their recovery efficiency (how quickly the water is heated), standby loss (the percentage of heat lost per hour) and cycling loss (the loss of heat from the water as it is cycled throughout the home).

Step 5: Even after the heater has been installed in your home, you should try to limit the use of hot water in your home. This will go even further towards cutting your electricity bills down to an affordable amount.

Whilst installing an instantaneous electric hot water heater in your home can go a long way towards helping you to lower your electricity bills, it is important to keep in mind that all of this effort will be for naught if you constantly have the system running. Try to limit the amount of warm water that you use in your home and you will see much better results than if you were to continue using it willy-nilly.

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