• Inverter air-water heat pump installed indoors for heating and cooling
  • Low energy spending through high efficiency (A++)
  • Operating noise barely audible from outside; further reduction possible with silent mode function
  • Quick to install thanks to a high level of integration
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Product Overview

With the WPL 17 IKCS / WPL 17 ICS classic inverter air-water heat pump, designed for indoor installation, STIEBEL ELTRON presents a system solution for the new build sector that is as elegant as it is efficient. Thanks to flexible air routing and pre-assembled air hoses, it can be connected almost anywhere, quickly and easily.

Excellent sound insulation on the air routing means that the heat pump is barely audible even when space is tight. In silent mode, the WPL 17 IKCS classic is even quieter.

Product Details

Power-controlled inverter air/water heat pump for indoor installation. Can be used for heating and hot water operation as well as efficient cooling by reversing the cycle. Ideally suited for use in new buildings or buildings with low system temperatures. In this version, the outside and exhaust air can be connected to the side of the rear for maximum flexibility in the installation. In addition, this type of airflow ensures a reduction in noise emissions outside.

The integrated heat pump controller enables fully automatic outside temperature-dependent control of the heating system and, in conjunction with the optional ISG, control of the system in the home network or with a mobile device. The built-in heating circuit pump is automatically regulated depending on the spread. An electrical emergency / additional heater for mono-energetic operation and anti-legionella heating, the switch valve for hot water preparation and a safety valve with a blow-out hose are integrated as standard.

Integrated vibration decoupling for direct connection to the heating system. Easy connection: Pre-assembled flexible air hoses with quick adapters reduce the installation effort.

Technical Data

Model Number WPL 17 ICS WPL 17 IKCS
Energy efficiency class A++ A++
Rated voltage 230 V (single phase) 230 V (single phase)
Output at A7/W35 (EN14511) 9 kW 9 kW
Coefficient of performance at A7/W35 (EN14511) 4.74 4.6
Sound power level (EN 12102) 51 dB(A) 50 dB(A)
Max. application limit on the heating side 60°C 60°C
Height 1381 mm 1892 mm
Width 874 mm 893 mm
Depth 874 mm 833 mm
Weight 221 kg 175 kg


File Category Type Download
WPL 17 IKCS / WPL 17 ICS DatasheetData SheetPDF
665.32 kB
WPL 17 IKCS / WPL 17 ICS Operation and Installation GuideOperation and Installation GuidePDF
11.25 MB
WPL Commissioning GuideOperation and Installation GuidePDF
1.22 MB


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