New Product - DEL Hot Water Heater

Water heating specialist, Stiebel Eltron Australia, has launched its new DEL range of instantaneous three-phase electric hot water heaters. Complementing the existing DHE and DHB-E ranges, the first release of the new DEL line-up comprises two models—the DEL18 and the DEL27. These units are compact in size, heat water more quickly than other instantaneous heaters, minimise water wastage, and are simple to install—making them an ideal choice for many commercial and multi-dwelling applications. The new DEL line-up also features innovative electronic technology to maintain the delivery water temperature at 50 degrees Celsius.

The expansion of the German-made Stiebel Eltron instantaneous electric water heater solution-set now offers end-users and developers unprecedented choice. For kitchen or combined kitchen/bathroom applications, the existing DHE and DHB-E ranges provide the capability for instantaneous hot water above 50 degrees. However, where a maximum of 50-degree water is required, the new DEL range provides a more tailored solution.

According to Stiebel Eltron Sales Director, Darren Fletcher, the principal differentiator between these models and the existing Stiebel Eltron product offering, is that the DEL water heaters are able to limit the temperature of the water. “Plumbing standards dictate that water delivered to places of personal hygiene cannot exceed 50 degrees—to prevent scalding issues,” he said. “The industry standard is to restrict the water delivery temperature using a tempering valve. The DEL hot water heaters use sophisticated electronic technology to achieve the same result, making these units simpler and cheaper to install.”

Furthermore, these units are extremely compact and streamlined. “The combination of their small size and their electrical operation simplifies installation—they can be positioned directly at the point-of use,” Fletcher said. “Where instantaneous gas water heaters often suffer positioning restrictions, due to gas main feed and flue requirements, these electric units—by contrast—can be placed exactly where they are needed.”

The DEL units are three-phase 415V electric mains pressure instantaneous hot water heaters, featuring an LED display for water temperature and flow. These models utilise bare-wire elements, which are suitable for water with a high mineral content, and provide extremely quick control over the water temperature. The DEL 18 is rated at 19.4kW and uses 27 Amps/phase, and the DEL 27 is rated at 29.1kW, using 40 Amps/phase. Both units feature a 2.5 litres per minute switch-on flow-rate, making them ideal for use in conjunction with low-flow tap-ware for the perfect environmentally friendly combination.

“The combination of rapid heating technology and freedom to install these units directly at the point-of-use minimises water wastage while the user waits for water to reach the desired temperature,” Fletcher explained. “Moreover, the larger unit—the DEL 27—is sized to comfortably accommodate simultaneous flow demands from a main bathroom and an ensuite. The DEL 18 and 27 provide a convenient, economic and reliable hot water solution for apartments and commercial applications alike.”

As with the existing instantaneous hot water heater solutions Stiebel Eltron has on offer, the new DEL range carries the AS3498 Australian Standards Watermark approval and is designed for reliable performance in tough Australian conditions.

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