Ultra-filtration down to an amazing 0.01 micron with the Stream 4.

The Stream 4 from Stiebel Eltron is a four stage water filtration system that helps provide great tasting water for your home of office. Designed for convenient installation directly underneath the sink the filter cartridges are only 10 inches long and are can be replaced via a simple push and click system. To make it even easier to replace cartridges the Stream 4 has a swing arm function to help remove and replace filter cartridges that are installed in tight spaces.

Each filter is colour coded and performs a specific filter function. The first stage is the Sediment Filter (Red) which filters rust, sediment, mud and particles greater than 1 micron. The second stage is the Activated Carbon Block filter (yellow) which filters heavy metals, bad taste, odours, chlorine and particles greater than 0.5 micron. The next stage is the Ultra-Filtration filter (purple) which filters bacteria, cysts, algae and particles down to an amazing 0.01 micron. The last stage is the Activated Granular Carbon Filter (blue) which removes any additional odours that occur in the filtration process. This fourth stage has silver ions added in the carob of the activated granular carbon filter to prevent bacteria growth in the filter and helps to keep the filter cartridge fresh during its lifetime.

To find our more information on the Stream 4 ultra-filtration water filter system contact our technical support team on 1800 153 351.

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