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March 2009 marked the 50th year of ISH, the World's Leading Trade Fair for the Bathroom, Building Services, Energy, Air Conditioning Technology and Renewable Energies, where 2361 manufacturers, including all market and technology leaders, presented their latest products, trends and future-oriented solutions on over 250,000 square metres of gross exhibition space. ISH in Frankfurt am Main from 10 to 14 March, is the world's biggest exhibition for innovative bathroom design, energy-saving heating and air-conditioning technology and renewable energies. The focus of this year's ISH was on sustainability and energy-saving, the two dominant subjects in the field of building equipment and services. A total of 202,000 visitors came to Frankfurt am Main for the international leading trade fair ISH.

In the field of energy, building-services and air-conditioning equipment, ‘green' (or environmentally-friendly) building technologies, supply answers to the global challenges of today and tomorrow because, although buildings rank among the biggest consumers of energy, they also offer the greatest potential for cutting costs. At the ISH, the industry presents solutions based on a combination of energy efficiency, i.e., modern heating and air-conditioning technology, and renewable energies. In this connection, renewable energies are playing an increasingly important role, as shown by the comprehensive range of products to be seen at the ISH - from solar thermal energy conversion, photovoltaic, biomass, heat pumps and geothermal energy and tiled stoves to solar-aided air-conditioning systems and heat recovery.

One of those manufacturers at ISH was STIEBEL ELTRON, with a display stand of 1000 square metres. Founded in 1924 by Dr. Theodor Stiebel in Berlin, STIEBEL ELTRON is now owned by Frank Stiebel and Dr. Ulrich Stiebel - the sons of the company's founder. It has nearly 3,000 employees, 5 factories and product distribution in more than 120 countries. STIEBEL ELTRON was the pioneer of heat pump technology in Germany from the early 70's and remains the leader both in market share and in research and development. STIEBEL ELTRON has just released a number of new heat pumps with technological improvements. Amongst these are the WPL air to water heat pump models 34, 47 and 57 and the new high-performance WPL 14 HT heat pump, with flow temperatures of up to 75° C and high heating capacity of 12.5 kW at outside temperatures of 15°C, making it possible to have monovalent heating without additional auxiliary heating. Two compressors, each working with innovative inverter technology, perform their job on the inside of the heat pump and ensure its high flow temperatures and unique performance characteristics.

The new brine to water heat pump is available in two versions: as an E version for heating and domestic hot water and as a cool version for cooling, heating and domestic hot water. In the cool series the additional plate heat exchanger required for passive cooling has already been integrated. In Australia, STIEBEL ELTRON makes available the WWK300A, a 303 litre air-source domestic hot water heat pump, which provides energy savings of up to 80% compared to an electric storage water heater. The WWK300A achieves 30 REC, meets all state laws for installation and meets conditions for state EE schemes. If you would like more information phone 1800 153 351 or email us at The next ISH will be held in March 2011 in Frankfurt.

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